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A short overview of the Creative Workflows services.



To help your teams work smarter not harder.


When you need help boosting productivity or improving the creative process, or wish to bring about positive change in your work environment we are here to help.

By bringing many years of knowledge and experience.


Working closely with your teams we identify areas for improvement both technical and cultural.We map the processes and responsibilities, what works and what needs attention.

Improve productivity with more time for creativity.


We remove duplication of effort and workflow bottlenecks. We automate mundane and repetitive tasks and make sure the appropriate tools and systems are in place.


“The first step to fixing a problem is realising there is one”.

Creative Workflows Ltd. Is here to help. We look to improve efficiency, increase productivity and make more time for creativity.

We work with companies and teams of all sizes from large international businesses with thousands of employees through to teams with less than ten staff.

We specialise in working with creative people from all areas including design, publishing and arts organisations; in fact anybody producing creative work. Our understanding of the creative process is as much about culture as it is about technology and we pay close attention to both.




In a world of constant change where meeting deadlines is always a challenge it is all too easy for the creative process to get out of step with the latest innovations that would help improve the situation.

At Creative Workflows we help you work smarter rather than harder.

Take the next step to improving your creative process by giving Sean a call on 07725 759 700

Sean Briggs | MD
Creative Workflows Ltd.

1 Day workshop

A workflow health-check.


We quickly assess the state of your current workflows, whether efficiency and productivity can be improved and if cultural changes would help your business. 

This single day assessment is popular with all size of organisations.

Project work

The right solution for you.


Detailed assessment of workflows in need of improvements and the correct solutions to fit your specific needs with project managed implementation if required.

Timescale and approach varies greatly so these are defined at project start.

Just a few of the many brands I have worked closely with

  • All about soap

  • Best

  • Coast

  • Company

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Cosmo girl

  • Cosmo hair and beauty

  • Country Living

  • Elle

  • Elle decoration

  • Esquire

  • Good Housekeeping

  • Harper’s Bazaar

  • House Beautiful

  • Homes & ideas

  • Inside Soap

  • Men’s Health

  • Prima

  • Psychologies

  • Real people

  • Red

  • Reveal

  • Runner’s world

  • She

  • Triathlete’s world

  • Women’s health

  • You & your wedding

  • Zest

… and some of the companies

Industry knowledge and presence


A regular speaker at conferences, industry events and commentator in the media news.


Working with the Professional Publishers Association PPA for many years along with others including the Idea’s Alliance.


Speaking to the universities and colleges where the industries new recruits are educated.


Sean was the go to person for any fresh thinking and platform innovation. I worked with Sean and his dedicated and loyal team on various projects across a broad portfolio of brands. His ability to communicate and simplify new technologies is a talent and his passion and enthusiasm unrivalled. Sean has great vision when it comes to making the creative process more efficient, coupled with a commercial eye for helping to establish new revenue streams. Zoe Jobson

Head of Partnerships & New Business Development, Immediate Media Co

Sean has a vast knowledge and understanding of editorial systems and production work flows, he was instrumental in bringing reprographics in-house and improving production workflows with a pioneering move to a Digital Asset Management solution. Sean has excellent project management skills and is able to get the very best out of the teams he works with. Andrew Tunley

I.T. Director, C. F. Roberts

More testimonials
Allan Tinkler
Allan Tinkler Advertising Director, Hearst UK
Sean has been one of the main driving force in establishing all of our brands digital editions. His deep knowledge of advertising workflows from booking through to delivery has been critical in developing this exciting new area. 

Sean’s ability to identify key strategic partners has opened up the whole area of taking in enhanced interactive advertising leading to a new revenue stream. Sean has a way of making the most complex task appear clear, achievable but without sugar coating the possible pitfalls! 

Our advertisers are excited to be part of this expanding business area and Sean has been key to making this possible.
Lindsay Nicholson
Lindsay Nicholson Editorial Director, Good Housekeeping
Sean Brigg’s skill in developing editorial content for digital platforms are unsurpassed. He easily communicates with non-technical staff to produce quality digital products.
Victoria White
Victoria White Editor, Company magazine
It was great working with Sean on the launch of Company Weekly Edit. An expert in what works for different types of consumers across different platforms, Sean was a huge asset for us as we ventured into a new field of content production.
Emma Dally
Emma Dally Group Director of Books, Hearst Magazines UK
Sean has always been a joy to work with, and is great at coming up with ideas and bringing them to fruition. He is very organised and incredibly resourceful, rising to every challenge and always keen to find a solution to any problem. One of the things I particularly admire about Sean is his ability to communicate with everyone on both sides of the digital divide and to explain the workings of one side to the other. This is a real talent.

Working with teams focused on these current topics

Digital asset management

Keeping all of your content in a structured and easily accessible form will help speed workflow, improve collaboration, save time and money.

Content first workflow

Moving from linear workflows of the past to multi-channel workflows of the future whilst safeguarding the established creative quality and revenue streams.

Planning & Approvals

Getting the start of the creative process structured and well defined then tracking progress means everyone knows who is working on what and where the priorities are.

Digital editions evolution

The next generation of digital editions are putting the consumers needs first with a style once and distribute many approach to expand the digital reach.

Publishing solutions

Finding the right publishing workflow tools to suite the size of company and volume of work. From end to end systems to bespoke solutions.

Team workflows

Roles and responsibilities change frequently so it is important to look at who does what and make sure that transparency and accountability are suitably in place.

Creative process mapping

Taking the often complex historic build up of the creative process and mapping it out to make sure it is relevant and optimised to the contemporary requirements.

Digital transformation

How Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can help give your company a competitive advantage, simplify workflows and grow productivity and distribution.

Mobile compatible workflows

The sustained growth of media being viewed on mobile devices means making content readable on any screen sizes is increasingly a high priority.

Media 360 workflows

360 working is the bringing together of all aspects of media teams, on-line and commercial activities to create cohesive workflows and successful cultures.

Communication & Status

Being able to say what the status of a job is and communicate that clearly and concisely both internally and externally is essential to maintaining good relationships.

Article-based publishing

With Apple news format and Facebook instant articles becoming established there are massive opportunities in feeding articles into social and media streams.


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