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Workshops and Projects

Is our way of working as efficient as it could be?

Could we be more productive with the same resources?

How can we be more creative in the time given?

What process could be automated?

Are we using the right tools for the work?

How do we compare to our competitors?

Can we work smarter rather than harder?

No matter what size your team or business if you are asking any of these questions we can help.

We have worked with creative teams with just two or three people right through to media companies with more than seventy art departments and staff of over a thousand people.

Whether it is a single day to give advice or strategic guidance or projects that see solutions through to completion we have the knowledge and experience to make sure you achieve your goals.


A workflow health-check

Meet with key individuals to map current important processes and the main creative workflows.
Identify responsibilities and levels of transparency.
Assess suitability of hardware and software tools.
Give independent industry comparisons.

ObjectivesRecommend key improvements.

List areas of concern and potential solutions.
Outline common implementation pitfalls.

This popular informal workshop is to help team leaders identify areas in need of improvement, the types of solutions that could benefit your business and which to avoid. Also to highlight any immediate risks along with potential cultural changes.

The focus is on the bigger picture and overall improvements rather than individual needs.


Detailed analysis of your creative processes

Meet with all teams and their members.
Assess each team’s creative workflow process.
Create mind maps of process & workflow diagrams.
Assess effectiveness of internal & external communication
Check asset management suitability.
Ascertain rights management and legal checks.
Identify business continuity risks.

List areas of concern both technical and cultural.
Recommend a strategy for improvement.
Identify shortlists of appropriate solutions.

This slightly more formal set of meetings is a deep dive into team dynamics. How workflows currently operate and where changes are required, long term strategy and quick wins. Mind maps of responsibilities and tools being used are created along with relevant workflow diagrams.

The focus is to identify specific needs and potential solutions with more detailed recommendations.


Identify, prioritise and implement improvements

Everything in the workshops plus:-
Shortlisting key solutions through to implementation.
Timeline of actions to be taken.
Project management or guidance.


To bring about required changes to improve efficiency, increase productivity and enhance creativity.
To outline common implementation pitfalls.

‘Projects’ contains everything in the workshops but then moves onto shortlisting technical and system solutions or services. Project plans are created with timelines and identifiable objectives. Cultural changes where required are clearly defined and coordinated through internal HR structures.

The focus is on unbiased tailored solutions specific to each team or organisation.

The workshops are presented in a collaborative non threatening way in a relaxed atmosphere at the client’s site. Objectives are clearly defined and presented in advance of the sessions.

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+44 (0) 7725 759 700

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